18 salons found

Atlantic Promenade

The Atlantic Promenade is located around the Theatre on the ss Rotterdam. Due to the large windows, this room has a lot of


Library Room

The Library Room is an intimate room and is suitable for a small meetings. This room features large windows that overlook


Promenade Deck

The Promenade Deck features the Queen's Lounge, the Theatre and the Atlantic Promenade. The combination of these venues on


Queen's Lounge

From the spacious Queen's Lounge you have a beautiful view over the city of Rotterdam and the harbour. This room used to be


Tropic Bar

The Tropic Bar on the ss Rotterdam has an intimate character, because of the lowered ceiling above the bar. This room is

Upper Promenade Deck

The Upper Promenade Deck provides stunning views of the Rotterdam skyline and the harbour. The deck can be used in

Grand Ballroom

The authentic Grand Ballroom has always been the venue for big parties and gatherings, but presentations are also possible


Ambassador Lounge

The Ambassador Lounge is a very special room, especially because the round dance floor in the middle: a wooden frame with

Sky Room

The Sky Room is located on the highest deck of the ss Rotterdam. This spacious room is very light because of the large

Sun Room

The Sun Room was used to give the second-class passengers of the ss Rotterdam a view on the Sports Deck. Today, this light


La Fontaine Room

La Fontaine Room, located on the B deck, has a special design with ceramic tiles on the wall and the ceiling with lamps in

Executive Boardrooms

The Executive Boardrooms are located on the Main Deck and the Sun Deck. All conference rooms offer free wireless internet,


Meeting Rooms

The Main Deck accommodates no fewer than twelve medium-sized meeting rooms. Brand new furnishing with nautical accents.


Odyssee Room

The Odyssee Room on the B-Deck is a room with unique elements like the ceramic tiles, the mirrors on the walls and the


Smoking Room

The former smoking area of the ss Rotterdam offers breathtaking views over the port and skyline of Rotterdam. In order to