Promenade Deck

Promenade Deck

A wonderful location for large groups!

The Promenade Deck features the Queen’s Lounge, the Theatre and the Atlantic Promenade. The combination of these venues on this deck offers plenty of space and diversity for large events and large groups. Every room on the Promenade Deck has its own atmosphere, giving your events an unprecedented versatility!

For example, the Queen’s Lounge can be used as a reception and / or break room and the Theatre as a plenary space. But also for more festive gatherings: the Theatre can be converted into nightclubs and the Queen’s Lounge can serve as a reception or lounge area. The Atlantic Promenade is located on the side and connects the Queen’s Lounge and the Theatre. The Atlantic Promenade offers daylight, because of the large windows overlooking the Maas.

Check out the different rooms for all the seating options. If the Queen’s Lounge and the Theatre are set up in theater set-up, together there can be a maximum of 650 persons.


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Promenade Deck

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Salon capacity:

Up to 10 persons

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