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Weddings on the ss Rotterdam

This is your day. Gracefully you walk down the stairs in the Grand Ballroom. On the Promenade Deck you cut the wedding cake while the sun sets in the Maas. And then… Shoes off, drink in your hand and dance with all your friends and family in the stylish Ambassador Lounge. Say yes to the ss Rotterdam: a day (and night) you will never forget.

Venue overview

Make you entrance via the stairs in the Grand Ballroom or shine on the balcony of the Sky Room. Choose one or several of our 12 venues, each with their own story!

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This could be your wedding day!

Organize the best day of your life

From the reception to the ceremony and from dinner to party. Whatever you wedding wishes are, they will come true on the ss Rotterdam! Enjoy the service and hospitality and maritime class of our staff. Choose one or several of our authentic venues and spend the night in our honeymoon suite. ‘Yes, i do!’


Coffee, wedding candy and quivering tension… Your guests will be welcomed by our hospitable staff and after the coffee break they take place in the venue you have chosen. And then: ‘Ladies and gentleman, the wedding couple!’


You are literally ‘on cloud nine’ when you give each other the word in our Sky Room. Or do you prefer the romantic rand Ballroom? Whichever venue you choose, we take care of two special chairs and a terrace with a unique view: skyline of Rotterdam. ‘Yes, I do!’



Family, friends, colleagues and other relatives… They are all in line to wish you a long and happy life together! This is the time for a drink, a snack and of course, the cutting of the cake! Depending of your wishes, our catering can take care of the wedding cake.


‘A toast to the wedding couple!’ If you don’t need a reception you can choose to have a short toasting moment with a glass of Cava, Prosecco or Champagne. It is also possible to do the cutting of the cake now. ‘Cheers to a long and happy marriage!’


Are you ready to sit down for dinner? Enjoy a culinary and intimate dinner in the Sky Room. Do you want to go all out? Invite your friends and family to take a seat at one of the luxuriously set tables in one of the authentic venues. Bon appetit!



A traditional opening dance with live music or a floor full of people dancing to the tunes of a DJ. De possiblilities for catering and entertainment are endless. Whatever your wishes are, we would like to make them come true.

Wedding photoshoot

Make your day extra special with a beautiful photo reportage together with a photogenic lady: the ss Rotterdam! The bridge, the robust wooden decks, the beautiful venues… Rain or sunshine, ‘La Grande Dame’ is the perfect company for wonderful pictures.

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Honeymoon suite

The first night together as husband and wife… A special moment that deserves an equal special place. End the best day of your lives by falling asleep in the king size bed of our Executive Room!

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Are you exicted? Please contact one of our accountmanager to discuss the possibilities for your special day via +31 (0)10 – 297 30 90 or fill in the contact form.

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