Frequently asked questions


What does ss mean?
The ship is called Rotterdam, but to make it clear that this is a steam ship, the abbreviation ss is used. There is still a cruise ship that is also called Rotterdam, but that is a motor ship: hence, ms Rotterdam. 

What can I do at the ss Rotterdam?
From drinking a cup of coffee to having lunch, dinner, staying overnight, partying, going out, getting married, organizing events or conferences and making a tour on the ship; there is enough to experience aboard.

What are the check-in and check-out times of the hotel?
The check-in is up from 15:00 PM and the check-out is untill 11:00 AM.

Is the hotel reception always open?
24 hours per day someone is present at the reception. You can also check in late at night.

Do I need a ticket to visit the ss Rotterdam?
No, the ship is freely accessible. You can go to the restaurants, the bar and the terrace without an admission ticket. Once on board, you can book a tour to see more of the ship. The venues are for private parties and events, but if free, can also be visited with a tour.

At what times can I participate in a tour? 
You can take a guided tour daily up rom 10:00 AM. The last tour starts at 16:00 PM. Evening tours are regularly available. For more information, please contact us via +31 (0) 10 297 30 90 or

At what times can I visit the restaurants? 
Please visit this page for all information about the opening hours.

Can I apply for a job on the ss Rotterdam?
Yes. On a regular basis there are vacancies in the hotel, restaurants and at the departments of administration, security and facility. Click here for all vacancies.

Can I apply for an intern ship on the ss Rotterdam?
The ss Rotterdam has often intern ships available. Click here for all vacancies.

Can I frequent an education at the ss Rotterdam?
In collaboration with the Albeda Horecacollege you can frequent a practical training on the ss Rotterdam to become an independently working host / hostess and independently working cook.

Can the ship still sail?
No, the engine room is out of order. You can visit this impressive engine room during a tour. Please visit this page and take a look at our tours.

Is the ship accessible for wheelchairs and people who have difficulty walking?
Yes, a part of the ship is accessible for people in wheelchairs and disabled people: the restaurant Lido Grill, the Ocean Bar and the Captains Lounge. The tour is only partly accessible.

Can I bring my dog (or other pet) aboard?
Unfortunately not. Guide dogs are allowed onboard.

Can I park my car near the ss Rotterdam?
Yes! In front of the ship there is a parking lot for almost 600 cars. The parking fee is €3 per hour and €15 for a day ticket (24 hours).

Can I smoke on the ss Rotterdam?
On the ss Rotterdam you are not allowed to smoke. There are designated areas on the outher decks where you can smoke.

Is there an ATM on the ss Rotterdam?
Almost all pay desks at the ship accept debit cards. Also, there is an ATM, next to the exit on Main Deck.

Is there free wifi ss Rotterdam?
Yes, in all public areas, on the hotel rooms and in the meeting rooms there is free wifi.

Can I buy a gift card for the ss Rotterdam?
Yes. Please ask our staff at the reception or in the shop.

Eat and drink

Can I make a group reservation for diner? 
In Lido Grill you can make a reservation up to 30 persons. For groups of 10 persons or more, we have special menu’s and packages.

Untill what time can I have breakfast? 
From Monday till Friday we serve breakfast between 06:30 and 10:00 AM and Saturday and Sunday between 07:00 and 11:00 AM. Also when you are not a hotel guest, you can have breakfast at the ship. It is not possible to make a reservation for breakfast.

Where can I have lunch?
In the Lido Grill you can lunch every day, starting at 12:00 AM.

What times can I have a drink aboard?
The Captains Lounge on the Main Deck is open for coffee and more, up from 10:00 AM. In the weekends, the Ocean Bar is open for a drink, between 10:00 and 02:00 AM. The bar at Lido Grill t is open up from noon. The Lido Terrace opens at 10:00 AM when the weather is good.

Where can I have diner?
In the Lido Grill. Make a reservation via +31 (0)10 297 30 90 or