Glass Enclosed Promenade

Glass Enclosed Promenade

A gathering on the ss Rotterdam with a wide view over the Maas and the skyline of Rotterdam.

The Glass Enclosed Promenade is the outer ring around the deck of the back of the ss Rotterdam. On both sides there is a heated boardwalk, both 118m long and 3 to 6m wide. Due to the size of the promenades, these are very suitable for a reception or break out session. A lunch or dinner can also be served here!

In reception set-up, the Glass Enclosed Promenade can accomodate up to 250 persons.


Salon name:

Glass Enclosed Promenade

Suitable for:


Salon dimensions:

Surface: 297m2

Height: 2.6m

Salon capacity:

Up to 250 persons

Possible layouts:

  • TheaterLayout - WestCord Hotels
  • Banquet layoutLayout - WestCord Hotels

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