A unique working environment

ss Rotterdam as
a training company

A unique working environment

Training Company

The ss Rotterdam cares for Corporate Social Responsibility and offers each year a training place to 250 high school, MBA and college students. The ss Rotterdam is one of the largest training companies of the Netherlands.
Every year, three interns are nominated for the Golden World Stage Star, the prize for the trainee whom left a crushing impression! Previous winners are Charlotte Boer and Ruben Huisman.

Internships at the ss Rotterdam
The possibilities for traineeships on board the ship are endless. There are, for example, internships in the area of security, facility services, secretary services, maintenance, marketing, hospitality or tourism. It is also possible to do a full training aboard the ship: Intern Stars on the ss Rotterdam.

Intern stars

A unique education to become a cook or host/hostess

In association with Albeda College and ROC Zadkine the ship offers a complete education to become a cook or host/hostess. In classrooms with special equipment onboard the ship, students learn at their own pace practical and theoretical lessons.

The program

The Albeda College and ROC Zadkine are responsible for this course onboard and design the program together with you. Depending on your age, experience and commitment, the course will take you about 2 years, but it can also be completed within one year. You can start tomorrow if you want! You will work 14 hours per week and you will attend special workshops.

There are two options. As a chef (level 2), you will work in our restaurants Lido Grill and the Club Room, both with an open kitchen. As a host/hostess (level 2), you will serve in our restaurants. Once gratuated, you are an Employee Operations or Commis de Cuisine.


Together with your teacher, you’ll plan your vacations. That means you can work in the national holidays and finish your education in no time.


We expect an endless commitment of you. That’s why you can check it out for a few days. Contact Cynthia Offermans, Albeda College, for an interview meeting,via c.offermans@albeda.nl or +31 (0)6-46863520, or contact Edwin van de Velde, Zadkine, via e.vandevelde@zadkine.nl or +31 (0)6-25441229, or contact Harald Becker, Zadkine, via h.becker@zadkine.nl. Cynthia, Edwin and Harald are the three teachers of the program.