Een gezellige ruimte voor congressen en bijeenkomsten

Queen's Lounge

Queen's Lounge

A meeting or celebration in one of the most cosy rooms on the ss Rotterdam.

From the spacious Queen’s Lounge you have a beautiful view over the city of Rotterdam and the harbour. This room used to be one of the most popular rooms, and still is because of the warmth and nice atmosfere. The Queen’s Lounge is the ideal room for parties because there is a small podium. In theatre set-up the maximum capacity is 150 persons. The other possible set-ups are u-shape, school and reception.

In the room there is a dance floor, made in strips of exotic woods. The balustrades are designed by sculptor Bram Roth. The assymetric layout of the room and the elevation ensure that the dance floor is the highlight of the room. The Queen’s Lounge is often used together with the Theatre as a break room during congresses. The Queen’s Lounge has a sound system, video / data projector, four TFT screens and a sound system for background music and speech. A mobile sound system can be connected to this for a more professional enhancement.


Salon name:

Queen's Lounge

Suitable for:

Conference, Dinner, Event, Wedding

Salon dimensions:

Surface: 600m2

Height: 2.30m

Salon capacity:

Up to 150 persons

Possible layouts:

  • TheaterLayout - WestCord Hotels
  • ConferenceLayout - WestCord Hotels
  • SchoolLayout - WestCord Hotels
  • U-shapeLayout - WestCord Hotels
  • Banquet layoutLayout - WestCord Hotels

Salon features:

  • Air conditioning
  • Daylight
  • Eigen Bar
  • Eigen Sanitair
  • Free wifi
  • Wheelchair accessible

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3e Katendrechtsehoofd 25, Rotterdam