A perfect location for inspiring presentations or meetings

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Ten meeting rooms, each with nautical accents and port-holes.

The Main Deck accommodates no fewer than twelve medium-sized meeting rooms. Brand new furnishing with nautical accents. Every room has one or more port-holes, to emphasise the feeling of being on a ship. Virtually all meeting rooms can be set up in a number of ways (theatre set-up, block table, U formation, etc.). The rooms are equipped with the newest AV equipment in order to provide optimal visual support to presentations. The comfortable furniture, the relaxed and calm atmosphere in this part of the Main Deck and hospitality with a high Cruise content add a new and inspiring dimension to your meetings.


Salon name:

Meeting Rooms

Suitable for:


Salon dimensions:

Surface: 25m2

Height: 2m

Salon capacity:

Up to 20 persons

Possible layouts:

  • TheaterLayout - WestCord Hotels
  • ConferenceLayout - WestCord Hotels
  • U-shapeLayout - WestCord Hotels
  • SchoolLayout - WestCord Hotels

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