Discover the ship with a guided tour

If you are curious about the magnificent ss Rotterdam, you are more than welcome to visit the Promenade Deck, the Lynbaan Shop or enjoy a lovely cup of coffee at the restaurant. We bet you will want to see more. And for that, you can book one of our guided tours.

A guided tour of the bridge and the engine room

Visit the bow, the bridge and the engine room with the Rotterdam Complete Tour. This guided tour will take you on an exciting journey to almost every corner of la Grande Dame. It is a complete, 2-hour tour. In between you can have lunch or a cup of coffee. Find out more about the Rotterdam Complete Tour.

Alternatively, you can take the Sea Breeze Deluxe Tour (lasts about one hour) and visit the bow and the bridge. The Steam & Chrome Tour (lasts about one hour) will take you to the engine room, which is the epical centre of the ship. Find out more about the Sea Breeze Deluxe Tour  and the Steam & Chrome Tour.

A guided tour for kids

The Sea Breeze Deluxe Tour is just perfect for our youngest visitors. They will receive The Small Captain’s Passport with lots of questions and fun tasks. And while they are at it, they can learn the Morse code or play an exciting game of shuffle board.

The Art and Technology Package

If you are passionate about art or technology, a package is all you need to find out all there is to know about ss Rotterdam. The Art Package and the Technology Package include a presentation (with tea or coffee and a snack) and a professional guided tour of all the interesting items onboard. Find out more about the Art Package and the Technology Package.

A guided group tour

If you prefer a group tour of the ship we recommend booking your own guide, who will be delighted to show you around and tell you every interesting detail and charming anecdote. Click here for more information about the guided group tours.


Daily individual or guided tours:

Rotterdam Complete Tour | 2 hours
visiting the bridge and engine room

Sea Breeze Deluxe Tour | 1 hour
to the bridge

Steam & Chrome Tour | 1 hour
to the engine room


Art Package | 2 hours
presentation and guided tour

Technology Package | 2 hours
presentation and guided tour



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Visiting address: 3e Katendrechtsehoofd 25, 3072 AM Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The ss Rotterdam is easy to reach by car as well public transport. You can also getting to ss Rotterdam via Water Taxi or Waterbus. The ss Rotterdam parking lot is located in front of the ship and can accommodate up to 580 cars.



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