Dear Guest,

Thank you for making a reservation at our hotel. Soon you will be travelling to Rotterdam to enjoy a pleasurable stay on board the ssRotterdam.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you on the following.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a dramatic change in our world and lives the past few weeks and led to many government regulations regarding free movement.

In our hotel we adhere to the  Dutch RIVM regulations to ensure the safety of our guest and that of our staff. Things may appear different , but will not affect our hospitable and excellent service to ensure your optimal experience on board.


Will be served in an a la carte manner in our Lido Grill Restaurant, or you may enjoy breakfast in your cabin by ordering room service, this will be served in the form of a breakfast box.

Whilst checking in you may be asked if you want to make a reservation for the restaurant. Time slots are allocated in the restaurant, reception will provide you with the information .

It is not permitted to share a table with friends and family.

Lunch & dinner

You are able to eat  lunch and dinner in our restaurant, but it is compulsory to make a reservation. Making a reservation can be done per email: reserveringen@ssrotterdam.nl

Telephone number: 010-2973097

Please note, limited space is available due to the COVID-19 regulations . Lunch and dinner reservations are possible up to 4 people  per table.


As per June 1st, you are able to buy a ticket for an audio tour on board. The audio phones are available for pick up from the Lynbaan shop on the Promenade deck.

All audio phones will be disinfected after use. It is permitted to allow 50 people to follow our tour route with adequate distance by means of one way traffic.


Escape rooms

Our escape rooms will be open per June 1st. It is permitted to allow 4 people per escape room. Before entering the escape room you will be asked to wash and disinfest your hands, disinfectants will be available in the escape room itself. If so desired,  you  may make use of protective gloves. You will be monitored on keeping the 1,5 meter distance. After each game, adequate time will be spent on cleaning and disinfecting each room before it is put to use again. It is compulsory to make a reservation.




We adhere to strict cleaning procedures and protocol in the hotel rooms and public areas. All hotel rooms have had a thoroughly cleaned  during the lockdown period. Our cleaning staff have been supplied with gloves and aprons. We have a special disinfectant spray to use on all contact surfaces and will be used regularly. Hotel rooms will be cleaned 72 hours after check out (whilst occupancy is low).

Do you have any questions?

We are looking forward to your visit! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us on 010-2973097 or per mail Reserveringen@ssrotterdam.nl


Kind regards,

ss Rotterdam

Ton Wesselink
General Manager