The Lido Terrace, experience the cruising sensation

ss Rotterdam has the finest terrace in all of Rotterdam. You are more than welcome to joins us onboard for delicious cocktails or to submerge your feet in the ‘swimming pool ( 40 cm). Cocktails are served from the teak Cocktail Bar on the Lido Terrace. Unwind in a deckchair and marvel at the magnificent view of the Nieuwe Maas and the skyline of the city of Rotterdam.

In good weather the Lido Terrace is open all day long for whoever fancies a bite to eat, a cocktail or just a cup of coffee and some pie.


Café de la Paix (now known as Lido Restaurant) included the Veranda, the former terrace. In 1968 ss Rotterdam was renovated, transforming the Veranda that used to serve as the transitional area from indoor to outdoor, into the Lido Terrace.

After the renovation the Lido Terrace was reinstated. The Veranda used to offer 53 seats, but today this number has increased fivefold. The swimming pool (only 40 cm) continues to make the very heart of the terrace, where guests can submerge their feet and kids can have fun.


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