Overnight stay for business purposes

ss Rotterdam is perfect if you need a suitable hotel for business purposes. The ss Rotterdam hotel provides every facility you might need to work peacefully and effectively.

Work and spend the night onboard ss Rotterdam

Our spacious hotel rooms come with all the modern facilities our guests might require. These include free wifi access, coffee and tea facilities and a locker to safely put away your personal belongings. Public spaces (e.g. restaurants) offer also free wifi access. Office For a Day provides all the facilities you might think of. The reception desk is available round the clock to serve you as best as we can.

Using the Executive Lounge or a furnished office space

May we suggest a hotel room with a desk. Alternatively, you may book your spacious and quiet Executive Room on the upper Boat Deck or Sun Deck. Staying in this room means you may also use the adjacent Executive Lounge for work or to receive guests. The windows in this room can be opened. Or you may book a separate office. These are the possibilities:

  • Hotel room with a desk
  • Executive hotel room and lounge
  • Hotel room and ‘Office For a Day’

Office For a Day

You are very welcome to use one of our offices without spending the night onboard ss Rotterdam. Our offices are available for one day or several  days. Please expect outstanding service on demand and all the conveniences a modern office has to offer. Office For a Day includes service on demand, wifi, telephone service, unlimited tea and coffee and a parking ticket.

Reaching ss Rotterdam

Sufficient parking space is available and we are perfectly easy to reach by water and public transport as well. Alternatively, you may use our free Shuttle Service to travel to the nearest underground station in the morning and evening rush hour. The ship’s favourable location in the proximity of the city centre, Ahoy Rotterdam and amidst the ports of this city means you can reach your destination in no time.

For information or to book your overnight stay and office

To find out about the advantages we can offer you onboard ss Rotterdam, please feel free to contact our sales team on +31 (0)10 297 30 97 or email your request to reservations@ssrotterdam.nl