Ship’s Plan

Much of steamship Rotterdam is accessible to the public. Wandering about the decks, seeing lots of beautiful things and perhaps even ‘losing your bearings’ will make your visit even more exciting. To see more, you can book a tour.

It all begins the instant you come onboard. You can choose. Below at the centre is the gangplank to the B Deck (events). If you take the staircase or elevator to the upper gangplanks, you will reach the Main Deck. Obviously the ship has several decks. The Main Deck is the middle one and home to the receptions (Hotel Reception and Customer Service Desk) and the Captains Lounge. Here you also find the hotel rooms and meeting rooms.

Elevator or the monumental staircase 

From the Main Deck you can either take the elevator or the centrally located and monumental staircase. This double staircase used to separate first-class and second- class passengers. One step up will take you to the Lower Promenade Deck with the hotel rooms and the Experience Centre where you can take a virtual trip to New York. For restaurants you need to go one deck up, to the Promenade Deck. Here you will find the Club Room and the Lido Restaurant with the Lido Deck at the stern, as well as the Ocean Bar and a shop.

The Upper Promenade Deck accommodates beautiful halls which you may visit on your tour provided they are not being used. The boardrooms and hotel rooms are on the Boat and Sun Deck. Next is the Bridge Deck with the pilothouse, the chart room, the rooms of the captain and his officers and the Brugmuseum (bridge museum), which you may also visit on your tour. Each deck below the Main Deck, including the previously mentioned B Deck, accommodates halls, staff’s rooms and technical areas.

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    Live music in the Club Room – 18 March

    On Saturday, March 18th, you will once again be able to enjoy beautiful live music in the Club Room during your dinner. A pianist will be bringing the atmospheric sounds of his piano playing to the Club Room throughout the evening. (more&h...
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Visiting address: 3e Katendrechtsehoofd 25, 3072 AM Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The ss Rotterdam is easy to reach by car as well public transport. You can also get to ss Rotterdam via Water Taxi or Waterbus. The ss Rotterdam parking lot is located in front of the ship and can accommodate up to 580 cars.



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