Discover the ship. Free admission

Have a cup or coffee, spend your weekend onboard or simply have a look around. Discover the ship with family and friends or book an inspiring business meeting in one of the ship’s Meeting Rooms. The choice is yours.

Dutch pride since 1959 …. Now permanently moored in Rotterdam

On 3 September 1959, ss Rotterdam was on its way to New York for the very first time. After that, La Grande Dame has spent more than 40 years sailing the seven seas. In 2001 the Steamship Rotterdam Foundation left no stone unturned to protect and preserve the ship. Even now that it is open to the public (since 2001), the Foundation continues to invest best efforts and contribute to restoration projects, art lectures and presentations.

Today more than 200 volunteers, many of whom were passengers onboard years ago, are involved on a daily basis. For instance, they will share charming stories of bygone times, or answer any questions visitors might have during their guided tours.

ss Rotterdam is a delightful place for all ages. Free admission.

Visit ss Rotterdam

Visit La Grande Dame under your own steam. Get a breath of fresh air on the bow or watch a short video about the transatlantic crossing at the Experience Centre. To find out more about the ship, why not take a guided tour and explore the bridge and the engine room as well. ss Rotterdam guarantees an inspiring visit for all ages.

Take a stroll to Hotel New York … another WestCord Hotel

Hotel New York and ss Rotterdam are part of WestCord Hotels. They were once property of the Holland America Line and therefore they share the same rich history. Discover the ship and take a stroll between both icons. Pick up your free copy of the walking map at the reception desk.


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Visiting address: 3e Katendrechtsehoofd 25, 3072 AM Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The ss Rotterdam is easy to reach by car as well public transport. You can also getting to ss Rotterdam via Water Taxi or Waterbus. The ss Rotterdam parking lot is located in front of the ship and can accommodate up to 580 cars.



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